Just a few words and facts about me you may want to know…

  • I was born in 1981
  • I ended the studies of Electrical Engineer (with some specialisation in photonics) in 2004
  • I have started photography in 2013
  • Major topics of my photography are my emotions (being a redhead, my father’s strokes in 2004, …)
  • I am lactose intolerant, so please don’t feel offended if I don’t take some lovely prepared cakes or other good smelling food

During those photography years, and mainly since last year my major achievements were:

  • Publications in Volo Magazine (number 44, December 2016) and “La fille d’or” magazine (January 2016)
  • An online publication in NIF
  • Some pictures selected by vogue.it
  • An FPI on Purpleport
  • The happiness of meeting new people

Hopefully more to come, but my selling skills (and/or time I spent on showcasing my work) are limited and subject to a major upgrade 😉

More information and the “Thank you’s” to people involved in my learning process and ‘achievements’ will follow.

If you want any additional information or give me feedback, don’t hesitate to use the contact possibilities on this site.